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We can name Telšiai town not only Lithuanian but also an Eastern European religious Jewish education center at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century because of the impressive academic level in Telšiai Yeshiva.

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In 1875 a group of young rabbis established the Telshe Yeshiva. The success of this yeshiva is related to a famous figure – a rabbi and rosh yeshiva Eliezer Gordon (1841-1910), who became the first Rosh of the yeshiva and adopted the modern methods of teaching: entrance examination system, after which students were divided into separate groups according to their level of knowledge. After his death, the rosh yeshiva became rabbi Yosef Yehudah Leib Bloch, who managed to secure the fame and prestige of this yeshiva.


During the Second World War, after the Soviet army occupied Lithuania, Telshe Yeshiva, just as other religious institutions, was closed, however, the name of the yeshiva and its ways of teaching traveled to Cleveland (United States of America). 

The former building of Telshe yeshiva survived the wars and occupations. The small information table attached to the building, informs students about the Yeshiva being moved to Cleveland, Ohio.

At the moment this building is being restored and it is planned to be used for cultural and educational purposes.


-Jewish photo studio (Kęstučio str.) 55.983391, 22.249006 

-Javne Teachers’ seminary (Stoties str. 4) 55.988229, 22.25025

-Soldiers’ Beit Midrash (Aukštoji str. 3) 55.980779, 22.243785

-Artisans’ Beit Midrash (Telšės str. 5) 55.982636, 22.251196

-The Beit Midrash of the Rich (Sinagogos str. 4) 55.984375, 22.252966

-N. D. Krulis Jewish hospital (Gedimino str. 3) 55.980974, 22.237045

-Javne Girls’ Gymnasium (Respublikos str. 49) 55.981469, 22.245876

-Jewish Cemetery (Stoties str.) 55.988296, 22.250029

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