This is your getaway to the Jewish Heritage sites in Lithuania. Here you will be able to find thematic routes, places of interest with their uniques stories, and nearby points of interest. We hope that this website and additional content can inspire you to come to Lithuania and visit the places we encourage you to discover.


The Two Capitals

This map will guide you through the Litvak personalities, who created and cherished the two capital cities of Lithuania, Jewish cultural and religious institutions, and heritage sites.

Famous Litvaks

The artists and scientists mentioned in this map are united by the cultural traditions from which they emerged and by their exceptional talent.

Shtetls and Their Stories

We invite you to take a walk around the old Litvak towns where Jewish communities lived before the Holocaust.

Wooden Synagogues

At the moment we can count 16 extant wooden synagogues in the current territory of Lithuania.

Litvak Industrial Heritage

Get to know the inspiring stories behind 13 Litvak industrial heritage sites.