The history of the Jews who lived in Žagarė is witnessed by two Jewish cemeteries: in one of them the Jews of Old Žagarė and in the other of New Žagarė are buried. From the 16th century both Žagarės developed as independent cities and were united into one only at  the beginning 20th century. When the Jews settled in this area, they formed two separate communities.

In 1748, for the first-time historical sources mention the synagogue standing in New Žagarė, the cemetery was also mentioned. Since the establishment of the community, most of the city’s Jews have settled around the market square and the streets leading to it. Cemetery can be reached from Žagarė by driving along the Raktuvės road in the southeast direction. The cemetery covers an area of 6700 m2. The oldest tombstone found dates back to 1845, the newest one to 1929. According to the latest data, the cemetery contains more than 800 pink, gray, black granite, concrete tombstones of various shapes, mostly with engraved memorial inscriptions in Hebrew. Local people also contributed to the preservation of the cemetery. Alma Kančelskienė, a geography teacher at the Žagarė high school, together with the students in 2005–2012 collected local historical material “What do the monuments in the Jewish cemetery of Žagarė say?”. Tombstones were cleaned, inscriptions were highlighted, they were photographed. In the summer 2022 the organization “Maceva” organized the documentation of the remaining tombstones and inscriptions in this cemetery, group of volunteers from Lithuania, Spain and Israel contributed to this heritage preservation project.