Samuel Blum, who was born and raised in Ukmergė, was a true child of his time. In the mind frame of national revivals of European nations he dreamt of establishing a Jewish state. Samuel was born in 1860 and he was raised in the religious Jewish family and he himself had basic religious Jewish education. However, he was more interested in the inventions that were changing the world at that time than in the Holy Scriptures. So, in 1882, a young man with an open heart and a head full of ideas took a big journey to the United States of America. This man with a revolutionary spirit did not renounce his vision of a Jewish national state and he constantly participated in the activities of the American Jewish Congress.

However, he became famous on account of his innovative thinking – he not only dreamt about Jewish state, but worked hard to earn his living and was the first one, who created dentures! It has contributed significantly to the health welfare of people all over the world. And since he had already created such a cool thing, S. Blum allowed himself to continue dreaming – in the 1920s he emigrated again – this time to Palestine. There, in Tel Aviv, he founded the well-known cultural house “Ohel Shem”, which was very important for the spread of Jewish thought in the region at that time. Having reached a respectable age, Samuel died in 1941 in Tel Aviv. During the same year the Nazis occupied Lithuania and the majority of his native Jews from Ukmergė have been brutally murdered.