Jacques Lipchitz Sculpture Park in Druskininkai


For the symbolical 110 years birthday of world-famous sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, several artists from Lithuania presented an idea of its memorial in a form of Sculpture Park. This unique art installation in Druskininkai combines artistic influences and historical memory of the Cubist sculptor. 19 stone sculptures under the open skies of Druskininkai invite for a walk under a Jacques Lipchitz influence.


Druskininkai is a hometown of famous sculptor Jacques Lipchitz (1891–1973). He was born here and spent 17 of his young and reckless years in this small town. The talented sculptor was always nostalgic about Lithuania and at the end of his life, while living in Italy, he philosophized about his relation to the homeland:

„It is true, that Čiurlionis was a true genius. And I am proud to be born in the same village as he.

Our dear, unforgettable Druskininkai!“

 Jacques Lipchitz


Today on the Šv. Jokūbas (Saint Jacob) street we can see a building, wherein 1909 father of J. Lipchitz established one of the first hotels in Druskininkai. This hotel to this day is called “Central” and it still has a unique atmosphere of the beginning of the 20th century. The architecture of this building, the decor of the exterior, and the authentic color of the facades were preserved.  In 2009 the monument to Jacques Lipchitz created by V. Kančauskas was erected next to this historical hotel as well.

Since 1998 on Maironis street there is a Memorial Sculpture Park dedicated to the memory of Jacques Lipchitz. It is a continuous artistic process, which now includes 19 sculptures of Lithuanian artists influenced by J. Lipchitz.


Memorial Museum to Jacques Lipchitz  (Šv. Jokūbo str. 17) 54.020000, 23.972333 (the museum is currently closed for renovation)

Historical Jewish quarter in Druskininkai

The old Jewish cemetery in Druskininkai, 54.008233, 23.972364

The old Jewish cemetery in Ratnyčia, 54.001389, 24.014167

Historical Hotel “Central” (Šv. Jokūbo str. 22) 54.019917, 23.971778

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