Litvak Memorial Garden


The Litvak Memorial Garden is a unique initiative, which combines the memory of different local Jewish communities and also can be considered as an artistic installation of Lithuanian Jewish historical memory. 


In 2014, at the Žemaitija national park, the first metal apple trees were “planted”. The project was initiated by Jakovas Bunka Charity and Sponsorship Fund. Each apple tree, planted on the stylized map of Lithuania, represents the Jewish communities that once lived in Lithuania, while each Karelian granite column represents the places, where world-famous Litvaks were born. 

The concept of this memorial project was expanded in 2016, that each apple tree would also represent not only the former Jewish communities of Lithuania, but also all Litvak Jewish communities, and all Righteous Among Nations. 


Part of the metal trees has already been planted in the Litvak Memorial Garden. Individual people of Litvak origins can order an apple with a family name, which belonged to a certain Jewish community. The “growth” of Litvak Memorial Garden could be seen in this map:


  1. Memorial Wall  of the Holocaust Victims in Kaušėnai (a memorial wall was built using bricks taken from demolished Synagogue of Plunge), 55.921067, 21.783250
  1. The former Jewish Gymnasium and Library named in honor to Jehuda Leibos Peretsas (S. Neries str. 6), 55.913700,21.848991
  1. The former house of the Efrosai family and a memorial plaque to dr. B. Efrosas (Vytauto str. 14), 55.913471,  21.841670

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