Former Jewish Gymnasium and the Yehuda Leib Peretz Library in Plungė


 This building is unique in a certain way as it connects two historical memories. It is said that this building was a gift from Lithuanian noble Mykolas Oginskis to the Plungė Jewish community so that the community could open a Jewish gymnasium in this building. 

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During the interwar period, Plungė Jewish community had 6 prayer houses, one yeshiva, a Yiddish and Hebrew language primary school, a Jewish gymnasium, and a library. Now only the building of Jewish gymnasium and library remains. School subjects were taught in the Hebrew language. The library had a huge collection of books in the Yiddish and Hebrew languages.


During the Soviet era, the building became a residential one, however, the exterior only lost some minor details, so its original features can be visible to this day.


Litvak Memorial Garden, 56.062383, 21.821884

Memorial of victims of the Holocaust in Kaušėnai, 55.921067, 21.783250 

The house of Efrosai (Vytauto str. 14)

Historical Jewish Quarter in Plungė

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