The first printing house in Zarasai


The building of the old printing house of 19th-20th centuries is an equally important part of Jewish heritage in Zarasai and history of Zarasai town itself. In 1932-1940, in this exact printing house, at Vytautas str. 8 (nowadays – Šiauliai str. 28), the first daily newspaper in town – called “Zarasai region” – has been successfully printed. And it was the main source of news in Zarasai during the interwar period.

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The first printing house in Zarasai opened in 1882. It was established by a newcomer from Vilnius – Mejeris Kovneris. This printing house started from the small printing errands – making business cards, office documents and fulfilling similar requests. In 1901 m. M. Kovneris sold his printing house to D. Šteimanas, who brought a new printing press. The printing house has stopped working for a while during the First World war, but after it soon reopened in the yet independent Lithuania. Then the printing house was led by  E. Rozenas, who had big dreams for his new business – he started taking bigger printing requests and put the printing house on the map in Eastern Lithuania.


During the years of the Second World War the building of the first printing house in Zarasai had not been damaged. In 1941 it was nationalized by Soviet occupants and during the Nazi occupation in 1941-1944 it was not used at all. At the beginning of the second Soviet occupation the printing house was re-organized to “Red flag” printing house. After Lithuania regained independence in 1990, the printing house denied this ideological name but kept operating until 1996. After this year the building has been privatized and reorganized to the apartment building – as such it is used to this day.


The small beit midrash in Zarasai (Bajorų g. 14), 55.731922, 26.242103

The great beit midrash in Zarasau (Sinagogos g. 3), 55.734225, 26.243228

Monument to remember Holocaust victims in Zarasai, 55.706000, 25.983000

The old Jewish cemetery in Zarasai (Šaltupės skersgatvis), 55.738353, 26.235517

Zarasai Jewish cemetery on Kaunas street, 55.717250, 26.231653

The house of photo studio owned by Moisiejus Botvinikas (Sėlių g. 23-24), 55.732106, 26.247086

The house of carbonated water workshop owned by Abelis Pitelis (Sėlių a. 2), 55.730917, 26.244598

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