Wooden Synagogue in Alanta


The wooden synagogue of Alanta is an extraordinary part of both Lithuanian and Eastern European Jewish cultural heritage. It is the one of only 16 extant wooden synagogues in Lithuania.


Jewish community of almost 200 members has settled in Alanta at the end of the 19th century. And one of the most significant elements of religious Jewish community – synagogue – was soon built in the city. Wooden synagogue with a separate women balcony, two entrances and even with the heating was an active prayer house for local Jews until the tragic 1941.


After the Second World War 10 synagogue windows with rounded arches have been nailed up and the prayer house was turned into the collective grain storage house for the town’s needs. Although current state of the synagogue does not reflect it’s best condition, the wooden building stands in solitude from other houses, its surroundings are being tidied up and there are special signs near it, which help everyone interested to discover the regional Jewish heritage in Lithuania.


Inn of Alanta (Turgaus a. 2, Alanta)

The second old Jewish cemetery of Molėtai  (Gėlių g. 16, Molėtai)

Historical Jewish quarter in Molėtai

The house of Icikas Charifas in Molėtai (P. Cvirkos g. 1, Molėtai)

The houses of Bazelis Levinas and Ruvelis Videckis in Molėtai (Vilniaus g. 37, Molėtai)

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