Wooden Synagogue in Alsėdžiai


The wooden synagogue of Alsėdžiai is an extraordinary part of both Lithuanian and Eastern European Jewish cultural heritage. It is the one of only 16 extant wooden synagogues in Lithuania.


 In the northern part of Lithuania on the streams of Sruoja river stands Samogitian town – Alsėdžiai,  which also belongs to the Lithuanian Jewish cultural heritage map. On the small hill in 1932-1934 local Jewish community built a wooden synagogue, which stands there to this day. Before the Second World War this prayer house was surrounded by Jewish houses, and today only the synagogue and extant house of the Rabbi across the street from the synagogue, reminds about the past of Alsėdžiai Jewish community.


If You would decide not to look up for accurate address of this synagogue on the map, You could easily play a detective game here – in 1990 the building of this synagogue, which has previously served as a storage house during Soviet times, has been reconstructed in a way, that You will need a sharp eye (or imagination) to see this building as once a synagogue under the layer of all the changes.  


Commemoration wall in Kaušėnai (from the old bricks of Plungė synagogue), (coordinates for the map: 55.921067, 21.783250)

Litvak commemoration garden in Plungė

Historical Jewish quarter in Plungė

Jewish gymnasium and J. L. Peretz name library (S. Neries g. 6, Plungė )

The house of Efrosai  (Vytauto g. 14, Plungė)

Historical Jewish quarter in Telšiai

Telšiai yeshiva (Iždinės g. 11, Telšiai)

Jewish photo atelier in Telšiai (Kęstučio g. 3, Telšiai)

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