Joseph Brodsky Memorial Bridge in Palanga


This bridge is the only bridge in the world dedicated to Joseph Brodsky – a worldwide known poet, essayist, and Nobel Prize winner. We could say that this bridge symbolically connects the poet with his beloved town – Palanga.

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In 2013, after 45 years from the last time when Joseph Brodsky (1940-1996), a Nobel laureate, visited Palanga, a wooden bridge, which connects two banks of Ražė river, was named in honor of this famous poet. Joseph Brodsky had a sentimental relationship with this Lithuanian resort, which evident in his works. Brodsky visited Palanga two times: the first time in 1966, the second time in 1968. In 1967 Brodsky wrote a poem named – “Cognac in a Decanter – the Colours of Amber”, in which he describes his admiration of this resort, and in the latter cycle of poems named -“Lithuanian Divertissement” (1971), the sixth poem is named after and dedicated to this resort town near the Baltic Sea.


The bridge stands near the main J. Basanavičius street and reminds that even in the pale and faceless Soviet times this coastal town still retained its beauty, which inspired the poet’s imagination.


Amber workshop of brothers Kans, Vytautas str. 57, Palanga
Lemonade factory, J. Basanavičius str. 5A, Palanga

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