Houses of Bazelis Levinas and Ruvelis Videckis


Near the historical red brick commercial building (Vilniaus str. 42) you will see two houses, which stands next to each other. These two buildings (Vilniaus str. 37 and 39) are an integral part of Molėtai Jewish history – during the interwar period, Ruvelis Videckis had his barbershop and Bazelis Levinas owned a small grocery store. 

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This house was built at the beginning of the 20th century and once housed two Jewish families. Just like many other Jewish families, these families worked in the same space, where they lived. Ruvel Videcki, who lived at this house, had a barber‘s shop, where all men of Molėtai came to freshen their looks. His neighbor Bazel Levin had a small grocery store where he sold different things, according to the demand and season: from fabrics to apples.


This building to this day houses a few small businesses. Its exterior remains almost the same, although the interior experienced many reconstructions made by people who later settled in this building.


Commercial Building in Molėtai (Vilniaus str. 42) 55.231903, 25.420178

House of Icikas Charifas (P. Cvirkos str. 1) 55.231175, 25.419047

Old Molėtai Jewish Cemetery  (Gėlių str. 16) 55.226192, 25.422655

Inn of Alanta (Turgaus sq. 2), 55.351109, 25.292894

Synagogue of Alanta (Ukmergės str. 3a), 55.349459, 25.292904

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