Klaipėda Synagogue and Former Jewish Cemetery


Synagogue of Klaipėda is one of the few examples of how a small Jewish community can recover from devastating events.

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This Jewish cemetery was established in 1759, in a place where Russians once built a bastion. The cemetery could be called the oldest Jewish owned property in Klaipėda. During the Soviet occupation, the whole territory of the old cemetery was wiped off the ground and in its place, the radio station was built. Remaining macevas were used as a construction material while constructing the concrete base of the radio tower. Once Lithuania regained its independence, the radio station was closed and it’s building was given to the Klaipėda Jewish community. Today this building serves as a synagogue and a community center.


After Lithuania regained its independence, the remaining macevas were incorporated into the memorial wall,
which also serves as a lapidarium. Near the old Jewish cemetery, the building of the former Jewish hospital
survived to our days, and to this day it maintained its primary function as now it houses a polyclinic.


Memorial plaque to Valsonok  (I. Kanto str. 9) 55.716867, 21.123736
Shelter for Impoverished Merchants (Herkaus Manto str. 23) 55.716514, 21.128275
Education Institute for Girls (Herkaus Manto str. 21) 55.716236, 21.128491
Former Building of Jewish Hospital (Galinio Pylimo str. 3) 55.705923, 21.139799
Former Jewish School (Grįžgatvio str. 6) 55.708256, 21.138441

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    How many stones are in the Memory Wall in the Old Memel Cemetary?

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