Wooden synagogue in Žiežmariai


Wooden synagogue in Žiežmariai is a unique part of Jewish heritage both in Lithuania and in all Eastern Europe as well. It is one of the seventeen extant wooden synagogues in Lithuania and also the biggest wooden synagogue in the region, which soon will be open to interested visitors. 


Since the 16th century both Rabbinical Jews and Karaite Jews communities have settled in Žiežmariai.  However, gradually Karaites left the town and Rabbinical Jews remained the only non-Christian minority in ŽiežmariaiDuring the interwar period, there have been secular Jewish school, theatre, and Maccabi club in Žiežmariai shtetl. A large and active Jewish community could not have existed without prayer house – already in the middle of the 19th century, the first wooden synagogue has been built in town. Although the synagogue has suffered from several fires, each time it has been rebuilt and after the Second World War, it was used as a storage house. 


Due to the initiatives of heritage lovers and protectors in Lithuania after the 1990s this extant wooden synagogue building has been reconstructed respectfully to its historical meaning. There is an intention to open up a wooden synagogue museum here.


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  • Kjell-Erling Kvitberg
    2022-05-27 at 11:23 pm  -  Reply

    The area of Ziezmarai has as well the cementary ( need renovation), the two execution sites as well the Kaunas gangs assistance and lead in the round up of the jews,

    Ought to build a full tour on this site and a jew dinner area in the squar.

    This can be a important site for the small town.

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