The Romm Family Printing House in Vilnius


First of all, Romm printing house is historically famous as one of the biggest Jewish printing house in Vilnius, where the canonical Babylonian Talmud was printed. Secondly, this printing house enabled the development of Jewish literature both in Hebrew and in Yiddish. Romm printing house produced various books – from already mentioned Babylonian Talmud, or later Jerusalem Talmud, to Jewish socialist newspapers. The works of popular Yiddish writer of 19th century, Ayzik Meyer Dik, was printed in here as well. In 1864 he made an agreement with Romm printing house, where he committed to write a new novel each week.

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Origins of book printing in Lithuanian territory are closely related to the Room dynasty, which printing house operated from 1799 until 1940.  The first printing house of Romm family was established by Baruch Romm near Grodno, and after a successful start, another printing house was opened in Vilnius. Vilnius printing house became the main one in the 19th century, and later all Romm family printing business was redirected to this city. In 1835 Romm printing house started to print the famous Babylonian Talmud. Eventually, it became a matter of honor to print at Romm`s – the name of this printing house was well-known and respected in the region.


The printing house successfully operated under different political supervision in Vilnius at the beginning of the 20th century. However, in 1940 came the Soviets – the printing house was nationalized as all other private initiatives in the country, and it was reestablished as soviet printing house “Image”. At this moment the building of this printing house in Vilnius Oldtown stands abandoned and awaits for its uncertain future.


Jewish street in Vilnius, 54.679532, 25.285090

The place of the Great Synagogue and shulhof (jid. shulhoyf) (Žydų g. 3), 54.679901, 25.284511

The mausoleum of Vilna Gaon and his family (Jewish cemetery, Sudervė road, 28), 54.712898, 25.234477

A sculpture of Vilna Gaon (Žydų g. 3), 54.680137, 25.285079

Choral synagogue Taharat ha–Kodesh (Pylimo g. 39), 54.676070, 25.281575

Užupis synagogue (Užupio g. 36), 54.681471, 25.298633

A sculpture of doctor Cemachas Šabadas  (sculpt. Romualdas Kvintas), 54.677248, 25.284342

Pohulanka (now. J. Basanavičius street), 54.680145, 25.276134

The place of old Jewish cemetery in Šnipiškės (Olimpiečių g. 1a), 54.690243, 25.291117

Jewish cemetery in Užupis (Olandų g. 22), 54.688106, 25.307748

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